Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parenting Re-soul-utions

It must be the end of the year and my brain must be tired, because everyone else seems to have such great ideas. Instead of racking my brain for something creative, I am sharing the...

2011 UrbanMommies parenting resolutions. (my edits, but with a link at the end).

1. I will say no to other people when I cannot stretch my family any further. And, when appropriate, I will say no to my child even if it means a big tantrum will happen.

2. I will sit cross-legged on the floor every day and play blocks, have a tea party, read books or just talk to my kids.

3. I’ll use the time driving in the car to ask my kids questions.

4. We’ll play different music every once in a while and I’ll do a Google search on Beethoven, Country Music or Gregorian Chants as we listen so I can explain the music to my child.

5. We’ll sit around the table as a family for at least one meal per day.

6. Medical, dental records and our emergency contact list will all be organized.

7. We’ll look at our family budget.

8. I will watch the news for 10 minutes daily even if they protest that Dora must stay on the TV. Even though I’m a busy parent, I need to be connected.

9. I’ll identify the 3 reasons why I am a great parent.

10. Even though they are picky eaters, I’ll still try to slip in quinoa, veggies and wheat germ where I can to enhance their diet. When I shop I’ll add good things to my healthy pantry.

11. I’ll try to remember that unstructured days in your PJ’s can be just as important as scheduled activities.

12. I’ll try to ask for what I need – from my partner, friends, family and my kids.

13. I’ll show through example that charity is important.

14. We’ll do a few more things in a greener way – use more baking soda for cleaning, plant some seeds, or start a compost.

15. Every person in the family will try to unclutter.

Even incorporating a couple of these into your weekly routine could help you, the kids and the planet.

So... I first read this and thought, "Wow! I should do all of these!". The list does have some wonderful ideas on how to be a better parent. Then my real brain kicks in. When did it become such a "job" to raise a family? When did we start thinking of the effort that we should be putting in, instead of this being a natural part of our life? Why do we act like raising a family should come with a set of instructions, and we are either doing things right or wrong? And do we really think that raising our kids is isolated from the rest of our life?

Yes I should broaden my views, but I shouldn't be listening to different types of music solely for the benefit of my child. Of course, music, and various forms of it, should be a part of our life, but if we include it just to check it off the list, haven't we missed the point?

Do I have to tell myself to sit on the floor and play? If I want to engage with my child, isn't that something I would automatically do?

I like to garden, so the compost and planting seeds is something we always do. And Scarlett likes it too. But, if this was something I despised doing, would going through the actions for her benefit, have a positive benefit?

Won't our child see how we get excited to do things that we feel passionate about and learn from that?

I did like the mis-print in the title (intentional or not). That was the first time that I thought of re-soul-utions as returning to our soul.

Happy Parenting (and parenting choices) in 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Belly Grows

I have faced the fact that I love pregnant bellies. I loved my own when I was pregnant with Scarlett, and I still love seeing them. They are fun to watch grow, and shift and change. Plus it is fun to see how much more positive and happy people act around a baby belly. (Please tell me you have seen this!)

Here's a cute video that I saw on Facebook today that I thought was fun. It's a series of still photographs, pieced together and then put to music. The information is on the site:


I did take the title from their title, "Magic-A Belly Grows". And the mom in the picture is the one in the video.

Can I include this as a motivating factor to have another baby? I wish I could look as cute in front of the camera as this mom. Would it take much convincing to talk Scott into taking photos like this?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at Elan

All three of us have been spending the day together today. Perhaps unconventionally. All three of us went to work this morning.

Originally Scott was going to work, I was going to be off. Then our new massage therapist was going to work. Then I realized that I should probably be there to help her. Then I started to book some clients here and there, around Scarlett, and the massage schedule. Before I knew it, the morning was busy, and we're all at the office 4 hours today!

We packed up Scarlett's new magnetic "paper dolls"-an early Christmas gift.

We packed up Frosty the tree ornament, the Easter bunny, and a stuffed baby elephant.

We packed a snack, and other essentials.

And off we went.

Today was the day of movies and games on the iPad, painting on the Buddha Board, playing with mega blocks, stamping, stickering, playing chase around the tables, playing on the computer and phone, and learning that the phones page each other. And of course seeing a few familiar faces and a few new ones. It sounds like it could be a typical day at home, doesn't it?

We're looking forward to our quiet Christmas at home this year. I hope our daughter doesn't look back on this one day and think, "you took me to the office on Christmas Eve?!?!".

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is the day! One winter solstice, one full moon, and one lunar eclipse. Wow! What are you planning to mark the day?

I am blogging a day early because I am reminding myself to keep my mind smiling and my intentions positive, since this is a very powerful time of year for manifesting what you want in your life.

At the very least I will be continually reminding myself, "Thank you for my health, thank you for my family and their health, thank you for my house, thank you for Elan and all the people that visit us there..." You get the idea. Plus I hope to devote some time to what I would like to create in my life in 2011.

One year Scott built a huge wheel for the Winter Solstice and we attached our intentions to it, and then set it on fire. So fun! We haven't planned anything so dramatic for this year, but I will still mark the day.

Happy Solstice and Intention Day!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Love Homeopathics

I love Scarlett's homeopathics.

She's teething. I assume that is what the hand in the mouth, full tilt screeching noise, and general irritability is. I would also love to adjust her but she won't let me near her spine. I can't say which comes first but teething and upper cervical (neck) irritation seem to go hand in hand.

Off to Bowness Health Food Store we went. At 6:30 pm 2 nights ago. I thought I was doing a quick run by myself, but Scarlett put on her boots so both of us went. It was probably a good idea that she came because do you ever find that kids should pick this type of thing out for her (him) self? For instance-I will hold up 2 remedies which both seem to fit her symptoms, and which ever one she picks is the winner. Its very scientific. So we came home with the Camilia blend by Boiron and Calcarea Phosphorous pellets. If you haven't shopped at this store before, they are always so helpful, and they are a landmark in Bowness.

The Camilia blend is winning so far. One little doseage and Scarlett calmed down within 5 minutes. It is amazing. A couple times we've had to use 2 doses, but so far it hasn't failed.

Have you tried homeopathics yet?

I will say that this is the generic usage of homepathics. Our naturopath is on maternity leave and we have yet to see a homeopathic doctor. A constitutional remedy would probably be much more effective, but I'm still pretty happy with our results.

If you're scratching your head and asking what homeopathics are-what is the easiest description? They are a natural "medicine" of very diluted quantities; I think they work energetically, but please feel free to correct me. I feel a million times better about giving my daughter homeopathics than resorting to any pain or teething medicine. I'm hoping that one day Scarlett will one day think of them for all of her bumps and owies. And yes, even offering her Arnica seems to somehow soothe her spirits.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Absence does make the heart grow fonder. My brain and fingers have been itching to write something, anything!

I wish I could say it was just the holidays that have kept us busy. Picking out our tree, decorating it, going to Christmas parties and Open Houses, baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing... We have been doing that & yesterday I even hauled out every tacky ornament that I own.


Scarlett's new constant companions are the Santa salt and pepper shakers, and candle holders, and any general ornament that wouldn't hang from the tree.

We decorated the tree the equivalent of two times-most of the ornaments within reach were removed by Scarlett, and re-hung.

Aside from Christmas, we've been busy with work. Seeing clients of course, but we've also been interviewing, trying to juggle the schedule for the new year, celebrating our birthday, working on the website, and even adding a facebook page. (Welcome to this millennium). You can check out my new projects here:

Our new massage therapist Sandra, offering Pregnancy and Post-natal massage and reflexology;

My new Elan Facebook page:!/pages/Elan-Family-Wellness-Centre/155310474515559

They may seem like small feats, but they sure take the time. It was definitely memorable doing an interview with Scarlett in tow. (You have kids? You don't mind do you?).

I'm wondering if the last 3 weeks of this year will continue to hold this much activity? Is there some down time ahead? (Or maybe I used up that time by travelling to Italy?).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Six Year Old Baby

I thought that I became a mother when Scarlett was born. (Or conceived-is that when you start feeling maternal?) However, now that my first baby has its birthday today, I'm realizing that I've felt like a mom for longer than that. As odd as it may sound, our little business does feel like part of our family. Its so odd, and why am I writing that?

Our Six Year Old Baby (officially 6 years old TODAY) is Elan Family Wellness Centre. I guess she's a girl, and Sagittarius apparently.

We've worried about her at night. (Mainly after Elan was broken in to.). We've made special trips back to make sure she's OK. (Yes, I'm a little OCD). I try to bring nice people to her to visit. We remind her to be patient and polite and have manners with everyone who comes, even if we sometimes don't feel like it. We've had many meals with Elan, and many, many, many snacks. We bring her plants to keep the air nice and try to keep her at a comfortable temperature. We decorate for some seasons or holidays, and have even done the Christmas decorating this year. I think she generally looks "pretty".

We've had fun with Elan, and frustrations. Like every kid and business, growing pains were part of the journey. She can run us off our feet, or have times with complete laziness and time to drink tea or coffee. Or to fret about her future. (Will she grow up to be a BIG office one day?)

Elan even survived us leaving her a few times in trusted hands-for holidays, including a few times with replacements for me. We had the big event when Scarlett arrived, when she was left alone for months (well, 2 months) and only got tiny bits of attention since. Is that what happens to older children? They get a little bit ignored when the baby arrives?

I'm happy to say that Elan has survived and thrived to the ripe old age of 6! I don't aspire for Elan to be "bigger" as we like her just as she is. We appreciate her welcoming and warm personality. It has been nice to have Elan as part of the family for these past several years.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Secret

We have the movie The Secret running in the background at our house. Scott has watched it the last 2 mornings and I watched most of it last week (Scarlett does cry for cartoons if the TV is on!). It will be on most of the weekend, I hope. I try to catch pieces of it here and there. It's a movie we've been watching for years-since the big release and groups would hold "premiere" nights. It was a very exciting time when it was first released, and I'm trying to re-capture that excitement!

Have you watched it?

It's my secret for keeping my attitude in a positive place. For focusing on gratitude, the potential in certain situations, and to keep my mood up.

And if someone complains to me too long, I'll ask if they've watched it. Or heard of it. Or watched it recently.

If you haven't watched the movie, The Secret is about the Law of Attraction. How what we focus on is what we bring into our life. Being responsible for what we have created, and how to use that to create what we want in our life.

What do you want to create in your life? What will you do this weekend to bring that one step closer to you?