Monday, June 20, 2011

Spending Fast

We had a very exciting Father's Day. Ate lots, called the Grandpa's, and....cleaned the basement. What every Dad wants to do on Father's Day.

What happened in the basement? We dredged up a million memories and a million items of clutter. We both seem to be hobby people, and collectors of things.

I have my cases of scrapbook supplies, and miscellaneous crafting items-for making jewellery, supplies to make stuffed animals, quilting items, meters and meters of material for sewing clothes and quilts (I used to sew a lot of clothes), boxes of photographs, a mannequin form for sewing, boxes of candles, ink and stamps, and I'm not sure what else. And a saxophone and all of the "usual" storage-off-season clothes, etc. And books.

Scarlett's is saving everything she's ever worn or played with or slept or ridden in a car in, for if she ever gets a little brother or little sister. It could be the best dressed-in-pink little boy ever!

Scott's gathering his own things-such as his CD collection that we haven't listened to since we moved into this house over 6 years ago. And PEZ dispensers, broken cameras and a box of coats.
Probably nothing of large monetary value, but it all adds up.

Cleaning our the basement essentially meant moving things from one end of the basement to the other, and getting rid of a box or two. (Really, I'm not ruthless). And I did get upset by the amount of money I have spent on things that I have never used. Not to mention the amount of energy and time is sucks up. It's one thing to buy an item and use it and love it, but such a different story when I stick it on a shelf to come back to later. (or move it from one shelf to another)

And then what did I chance upon today?!?! This lovely blog about a woman who has challenged herself to a "Spending Fast." I love it!

I'm going to keep her in mind and follow her blog for a little while. And think a bit about how I spend my money, and how I can start to REUSE all of that stuff in the basement. That may mean I might have to sew Scarlett some clothes in some pretty pastel pink with blue flowers before I buy her something new! Now, I just need to carve out some time for that.

The blog is a great refresher at looking how we spend our money on things we WANT versus things we NEED. I am all for reducing our things to a minimum so that we can keep living in our (less than) 1000 sf bungalow-well, 1000 sf per floor. Plus I think it will be a great way to help Scarlett to value money and our accumulations.

I haven't committed to the Spending Fast yet, but it may be coming.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Triad of Change

An excerpt from our most recent newsletter (and a photo of our June garden by Scott-Stickoutyourfacephotography):

Have you heard of The Triad of Change?

I've been talking about this in the office a lot as it really changed my view on how to make CHANGES in our life. Dr. Donald Epstein discovered that there is a TRIAD to how we make changes in ourselves, and the three sides of the triangle consist of STRUCTURE, PERCEPTION, and BEHAVIOUR. Knowing that this is a time of the year when we seem to start new activities or projects, it can help to look at ourselves from this perspective. Dr. Epstein found that our success comes from focussing on our 2 stronger sides of the triangle, with our third (not so strong) following or entraining to the other two.

For instance, if I were to start a new activity such as learning to run, there are different ways to approach it. I could sign up for classes, schedule a time to run, book myself with a running buddy, learn how to eat maximally (all structure based) OR I could focus on my motivation to run, why I want to be healthy, what positive benefits it will bring to my family or myself, use positive affirmations (all perception based) OR I could just literally go running and do it and act like I am a runner and an athlete (behavior based). We will all have one side of the triad that is natural to us, and one that is a source of energy for us. But the third, if we try make changes leading with that, will probably lead to failure. If you are taking up a new hobby or activity this summer, try considering the Triad of Change to approach things in a new way.

Good Luck!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Essential Skills

I thought I would need to help Scarlett learn essential skills such as how to fall asleep, how to use the potty, or how to put on her clothes. However, she's skipped learning these silly 2 year old skills, and has gone right to the heart of the matter. She's training for my job, and I didn't even know it.

Last night at 10:30 pm as we gave up on getting her to sleep (no, we don't have that skill down), Scarlett was playing in our bed. She had Scott and I lined up JUST SO-with many specific corrections to our head position, lying on our backs, and just sculpting us into position.

Then she started to massage our bellies, arms, legs, ... And said "I massage".

Then she held her hands on my chest and kept saying something very emphatically, which I couldn't decipher right away. When I figured out what it was, I burst out laughing. She's saying, over and over again, "Deep Breath". And what do I say all day, every day, over and over again to the practice members on my table? You got it-Deep Breath Here.

She made some little contacts on us which was probably comparable to me contacting gateways. (I assume?)

Then she stuck Scott's hand up in the air, and started pushing on it. First we were confused, then I started to laugh so hard that I started crying. She was muscle testing Scott. And what does he do all day? Muscle test people for the allergy elimination treatments.

Scott asked her, "Are you going to be a Massage Therapist or a Chiropractor?"

Her answer, "I'm a DOCTOR!".

That was our evening. She did eventually fall asleep, but apparently she's picking up much more than I am aware of.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Advice from a 2 Year Old

Have I already said that I think my daughter is intuitive?

Really, I think ALL kids are intuitive. If you spend time at our office, you'd be surprised by how many kids that don't come to see us as practice members, come running into our office. Repeatedly. Followed by a parent saying, "I don't know why she keeps heading for your office...". We know why, and your kid knows why.

But, I'm convinced that Scarlett has a sixth sense. Possibly because I'm also pretty convinced that she has seen ghosts or spirits. Possibly because sometimes she looks very wise before she does answer a question.

We are trying to use her intuition-in a harmless manner. Soon we'll buy lottery tickets and tell her to point at the winning ticket.

So far, her intuition has helped her to give me feedback on a person's character that I wasn't sure of. (Read, I don't trust my intuition as much as I trust hers).

She has swayed a few business decisions.

Her behaviour has influenced where I shop. And occasionally, what I buy.

If I was house hunting I would use her, because I have seen her act differently in an space that I know is a "good" space compared to a questionable one.

When our dog went missing for a few days, we did ask her a few times if she could tell where Raven was. Her answer, "Someone's back yard" with such certainty that I kept saying, "Point if you think we're near Raven." And then when we found Raven and met the person who found her, it turned into "Steve's backyard" with as much conviction.

She has sometimes provided answers to questions that we had not yet asked.

Needless to say, I take advice from my 2 year old. Not advice like, M&M's or cherries? But advice to questions where there are multiple good answers, just to see where her opinion may lead us. I would love to have such a strong sense of intuition and I believe mine will grow over time. For now, we sometimes receive clear information from our 2 year old who is also just starting to form sentences and her sense of self. The trick will be to help her keep this gift.