Saturday, July 16, 2011

July in Pictures

I affectionately think of this post as, "A repost of my Facebook photos." But it sums up what we've been up to this month-Canada Day celebrations in Salmon Arm, Stampede Breakfasts complete with face painting, plays in the backyard and at the parks. I needed to play with my phone and the camera settings anyways.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Introvert Meets Strangers

Scott and I were talking about this today. I am a true introvert- on personality testing and just day to day observance. I like my own space, recharge at home, have a lot of internal dialogue, ask questions to keep the focus off of me, you get the idea.

I also randomly talk to strangers. I'm not sure when it started, or why, but I do. I'm also not sure of proper etiquette when I do so.

Is it best to introduce myself first or just start talking?

I tend to just ask questions or make comments, but Scott thinks I should introduce myself first.

Is it better to say, "Hi, I'm Josephene, where did you get that beautiful princess dress for your daughter?"

Or... (after my daughter has been playing with another little girl for half an hour at the beach). "The girls are having fun, but what's your daughter's name?-she doesn't want to tell me".

Sometimes it's just all around awkward, but people are usually friendly when I do this. I have even made a couple of friends, as bizarre as it may seem.

I'm trying to figure out why I talk to strangers, but maybe it is from watching my dad do the same for years. And everyone talks to him in every and all situations. For now, I'll just baffle my introverted self with this habit.

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