Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Chickened Out!

I had a chance last week to challenge myself in combining parenting with work. A play group for kids combined with a presentation for the moms.

I did a practice run on Tuesday. Scarlett came to the playgroup and had a blast. She played in a bouncy castle, with balls, and blocks, and other kids, and fell in love with a "fishy train" (Ride on train in a Finding Nemo style). She loved the train too much, and we ended the play group by dragging her out shoe-less and crying for the fishy train. And then I heard about the fishy train for the next couple of days, and she dragged her own train to the office, onto the couch, anywhere we would let her.

What did I do while she was playing? I tried to listen to that day's presenter, Lisa Kathleen of Full Circle Parenting. (Wonderful advice! and did I get to hear barely any of it?).

Thursday came and I was scheduled to speak on Chiropractic for Pregnant Moms and Babies. While the kids play group was on. That's when I chickened out and sent Scarlett to work with her dad so I could think at the same time that I was speaking.

I would have loved to have seen if I could have juggled it, but I probably guessed right, that it was a little out of my league.

If you'd like to check out the playgroups and see who is speaking, just ask at Leela Eco Spa and Studio & Enjoy!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Take Your Baby to Yoga Class

Yoga in Bowness ( is currently offering yoga in the park. I finally made it to my first class this week, with Scarlett, of course.

It may not have been my most zen class, but I still had a good workout for the 3/4 of class that I completed.
Plus there was a little bit of "animal" yoga, ring around the rosy, fighting for my mat, dis-assembling of my wallet, games on the iPhone, and a 2 year old on my back when I was in plank position. Snacks and water.
I had asked prior if it was ok if she came, and I think the other yogis were very tolerant. Doesn't it up the level of concentration by having more distractions?
I will be back to class, with or without Scarlett, I haven't decided. I like her being outside and exposed to the practice, but her patience is that of a 2 year old (or 2 and 3/4 year old).
Maybe we should all practice yoga like a 2 year old-Scarlett had the most fun and the most smiles out of everyone there.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Morning Routine

I'm creating this post for the sole purpose of finding this Waldorf post again (as bookmarks and I lose each other).

Plus it would be a dream of mine to have such a peaceful morning.

My morning today...

Scarlett clinging to me as I got out of bed (yes, she's taken to crawling in with us in the middle of the night). In fact, only letting me get out of my bed with her attached to me.

Showering with Scarlett poking at me through the shower curtain. Not too sure why. She usually doesn't need to be in the room with me.

Scarlett and Scott on the couch watching cartoons and playing with the iPad.

Breakfast? I think she drank some smoothie before I left the house.

Clothes? Still in yesterday's ice cream dress, which was also covered with raspberries. We're going through some opposition to pajamas and some opposition in general. "Not today" is her newest phrase for when she doesn't want to do something.

That's all-I went to work. When I saw her again she was sweetly dressed in a clean purple dress and looked scrubbed and brushed, and was fed. What more could I want?