Friday, October 21, 2011

Staying A Little Girl

Our Little Girl is opposed to becoming a Big Girl.

The usual comment to "You're such a big girl now" after seeing how tall she is, how much she weighs, her new skills, politeness, etc, is "NO. I'm NOT a BIG GIRL. I'm a little girl."

It's most apparent in her clothes, as I've been trying to move out of season, and too-small-to-fit clothes into the basement. The trip to the basement lasts all of about 5 minutes.

She has winter boots that are 2 sizes too small that she insists on wearing. But won't put on the beautiful ones that do fit, that she even picked out herself.

She has an old striped sweater that comes halfway up her forearms, that she wears everyday. And about 4 sweaters in the right size, that she has yet to try on.

She has slippers that she has searched the house for in repeated 1/2 hour increments (I think they are buried too deep in the basement) that never fit, but now she wants, when she has a perfectly cute and in the right size bunny slippers that she used to like.

Socks-This morning we had a tantrum because I wouldn't let her wear a pair for the third day in a row. We do have socks in her size, and we have packed the latest "baby pairs" away, but they need to be in the closest where she can see them, and has requested a few specific pairs.

Yes, we wear many clothes over and over again. And yes, it is literally freezing outside and Scarlett is still wearing her favorite sundress. Over and over again. Please don't think she doesn't have a closet full of clothes. I do feed her too.

Her baby spoons are suddenly upstairs and are her favorite toy.

Books-I've tried to put some younger aged books away-and not her favorites but ones she never liked-but suddenly we have to read them to her everyday, over and over again.

Toys are the same. Anything I try to put away becomes her instant favorite.

Panties-she's practically toilet trained but clings to her pull-ups. This from the little girl who used to refuse a diaper and wanted panties.

It is a daily struggle at the moment and I do realize that I should relish her being a little girl for as long as we can, because it will be gone in an instant. But can someone cover her belly when she's playing outside and her clothes don't cover her?

So many decisions-do I change my language with her? give her the responsibility to put things away and make it really exciting to do so? limit her choices? change the definition of being a big girl? bring the "little-girl-clothes-fairy" to visit? keep talking about growing up? cut the praise?

Any more advice?

Of course, she is a wonderful, funny, charming, beautiful, almost 3 year old, LITTLE GIRL, but I have to laugh at how funny she looks when she comes out in PJ's that barely button up, reach her knees, and she's pulling them down every 30 seconds. Our poor little girl.