Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I split my kombucha mother and daughter apart for the first time today. They've been growing together for about 6 weeks now. My heart is still beating a little bit too fast. I'm not sure if that's because they are so obviously ALIVE, or because it's a bit gross.

Here they are. I'm holding the mother scoby and the daughter is still in the brew.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Moms Need Chiropractic Care!

I'm pretty excited to be a guest blogger at Encourage, Empower, Educate, a blog by local Calgary doula Twila Collyer.  My blog post is Moms Need Chiropractic Care!  because don't I say that ten times a day. 

And please visit her site, but here is a copy as well:

Moms Need Chiropractic Care!

I consider it both an honor and a blessing that I have been able to share chiropractic care with pregnant moms and their new babies over my past 12 years in practice! Here are just two cases of how chiropractic care has positively impacted pregnancy.

One mom-to-be was under care with me prior to becoming pregnant, so it was a natural progression to continue care during her pregnancy. With her pregnancy, we saw increased physical symptoms as her baby weight increased, with low back and buttock pain being the most frequent. We were also able to help her with foot concerns, upper back and neck pain. These symptoms are common, as weight changes will put more strain on the spine and joints. Hormonal changes, including the effects of relaxin, will make ligaments more lax, which increases these symptoms. To increase her comfort, we adapted her adjustments by using a belly pillow so she could still like face down with no pressure on her belly or baby. I also checked her with Webster technique-to help address her pelvic balance and the soft tissues in the lower abdomen/ uterus. Moms who are concerned about the position of their baby frequently request this technique, and research has seen an 82% success rate of babies turning from breech to vertex when this technique is used. Prenatal adjustments help not only the physical position of the body and spine, but also help to balance the nervous system function to both mom and baby.

This mom had a successful home and water birth with midwives present. I have seen this mom for post-partum care, and have seen her baby from when she was a few weeks old for Pediatric Adjustments. Adjustments for the baby help to check for signs of birth trauma and help to ensure alignment and movement of the spine and optimal nervous system development.

Another mom that I have worked with started care late in her second pregnancy (about 35 weeks) as she was having intense low back/ sacroiliac pain. Adjustments helped to relieve the pain, helped her to keep up with her busy toddler, and prepared her body for the birthing process! Moms who are under care find that their labor/ birth times are shorter and are less likely to require drugs for pain relief. In her situation, receiving care was also a small piece of self-care that she was able to give herself during this busy time. Our adjustments in the office use Network Spinal Analysis, and this is an excellent tool for our practice members to learn how to release tension in their body using strategies that we develop during care. Another benefit is better response to stress and using breath to release tension in the body.

We find chiropractic care to be a safe and effective treatment for both mom and baby. Pregnancy is one of the most important times to be receiving care due to all of the changes happening in the pregnant body, and the enormous benefit it can have for baby.

For more information, please ask us about our health talks or come to one of our monthly Prenatal or Family Wellness events. More information is available at or 403 217 5577 or like us on Facebook at For information referred to in this article or to find a Prenatal/ Pediatric Chiropractor near you, visit

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take Your Baby to The Tradeshow

Our Saturday afternoon at the Calgary Wellness Festival. Do I worry that one day my daughter will feel deprived spending her weekend at a Tradeshow?

One with sticker treasure hunts, puppy dogs for adoption, food trucks, coloring pages and a huge playground?