Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I've been itching to blog and write, but the takeyourbabytowork theme was losing its appeal as we no longer have a baby, and she mainly goes to preschool and only sometimes comes to work.

So come and visit me here:

Our polished apple-Our ideals of health, wellness, parenting, transformative lifestyle, education, what we want our life and work to be about.  Food, community, you get the idea.  

But inside?  Are we accomplishing it or how are we getting to that place?  This is our journey part and we'll be celebrating along the way!

Overall, we're now navigating bringing our family and office to a new level of transformational change.  Our family is needing to be healthier to reflect our goals and vision.  Our office has a new energy.  And through this all, we're seeing how to bring our new school (Waldorf) into both of those.  Join us!