Friday, May 28, 2010

Unwanted Advice

We got our first today.

I decided to bring Scott with us to the grocery store so I could buy a few last minute groceries for my Hawaiian Themed Book Club Meeting tomorrow. (I'm so excited! It was a good book just screaming for a theme meeting. Moloka'i is the book by the way.). It was our third stop of the morning, which may be the start of the problem. First I got my chiropractic entrainment, Scarlett was an angel, then we drove to our office to meet Scott and walked over to the mall. We went to the dollar store for some flower lei's and drink umbrellas and the like. Scarlett was still content playing with a lei.

Then was Safeway. The first trip through the store, no problem, then it came to the watermelon (I was going for a tropical theme for the fruit even if it may not be technically grown in Hawaii.) Scarlett had already lost her lei as she liked watching Daddy run over it with the wheels of the stroller. Then I couldn't decide which watermelon I wanted.

The "upupupup" started, then the back arching, then the crying.

So, out of the umbrella stroller comes the monkey. Still launching herself in different directions while in my arms, but happier. Making boisterous noises (how dare she?!?!).

Walking to the checkouts, a little old lady starts her comments, "Oh, some body's not happy. Some body's not getting her way." "Do you watch SuperNanny on TV?" (Or some nanny show was referenced). I politely shake my head and keep walking. And on she goes. "Oh, she is amazing, I wish I had her when I had children. I watch it every week. It's on channel 29 at 8 pm Saturday nights" OK, I can't remember what channel she said, we don't have cable! We were about 20 feet away while she was continuing to feed us her unwanted advice.

Maybe it wasn't too much specific advice, but I still don't think it was appropriate. My daughter was barely acting up. Our situation was under control. And yes, she is spirited and likes things when she wants them and on her terms, but isn't that what toddlers do?

So there is the small amount of energy I will send towards this little lady. I know she meant well, and I sometimes find the nanny shows fascinating myself. But I also never intend to give my child time outs or punishment. (And yes, I know the difference between punishment and discipline). Thank you for your advice and no thank you.

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  1. I truely think it is a Safeway thing. The worst one i had with Cole was in Safeway as well. Had me in tears.. AFTER i ripped someone a new one...