Thursday, May 6, 2010

Resolution Day

I have finally finished the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. As I've been saying over the past 2 weeks, now that I am finished, I am ready to commit to some form of my own happiness project. I think of it more as a Life Enjoyment Project since the reason I want to do this is to enjoy more out of each day and to have more in each day that I enjoy. As I've started to see over the past year and a half, life with a kid flies by without my even realizing it. I can spend a day focused on meals, naps, housework, getting ready for work, and maybe one fun or educational activity-where does the time go?

I like structure but I can't quite commit to the year long project as Gretchen did, with a different theme for each month. I've decided to just jump in and get started and brainstorm as I go for what I want to add during the year.

My resolutions:
  1. For the next 30 days, I commit to 30 minutes of yoga (or meditation or breath work) every day.
  2. I commit to a new adventure weekly with Scarlett in tow (either a new store, food place, activity or event)
  3. I commit to cleaning up my to-do list and life clutter. (one item a day).

I plan to add as I go, and re-evaluate after 30 days. If I like them, they can stay, if not I'll move on. Those 3 resolutions will help my health, my parenting, Scarlett, my creativity, and clean up some physical and mental clutter. I have lofty goals to play more, create, be healthy, eat well, evaluate where I am, strengthen my community involvement, be more eco-conscious... but all in due time.

My blog will not be focusing on this, aside from some check-ins and re-eval days, although I think I will be reporting on our new adventures, while continuing to write about work and life with our babe in tow.

As for today, I did my 30 minutes of yoga - in increments. After my first 15 minutes, the nap ended and I had to postpone my plans. But I squeezed in a few more poses as the day progressed. I'm curious how Scarlett likes this-in the past she has copied some movements; today just the dog and cat appeared within minutes of my start. I would love to find a toddler friendly yoga class, if anybody knows of one? But so far, on day 1, I feel good.

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  1. I don't know of any classes, but the boys have enjoyed this series of yoga DVDs for years now. They are very kid-friendly, adaptations of "real" yoga. Details here:

    (If the link does work, go to my blog and look for the entry "yoga kid" in February.)