Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Proof

I wanted to share that I am following my resolutions that I made last week. When I do my yoga, my cat and dog instantly appear and crawl all over me, and if Scarlett is awake, this is what has been happening:

Mommy gets a massage while she is in Child's Pose

Reach for the sky! (and no, I'm not pregnant-it's just the shirt)
Although we missed the photo of Scarlett throwing herself at my leg while I was balanced in Tree Pose!

Some days I can do the entire 30 minutes at one time. On those days, 30 minutes is not enough & I feel like I'm barely getting started. Other days, I have to break my 30 minutes into increments and I feel like there is not enough time. I hope I'll soon feel a shift, that it is all enough.

But so far, I feel pretty good. I missed doing yoga. I'll think about adding space in my schedule for activities like yoga (I could get up at a more decent hour in the morning), but only one thing at a time.

If you are new, this a report on my resolution to do 30 minutes of yoga for 30 days. I was influenced by Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project.

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