Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Productive Nap Time

I assume many Mompreneurs will say this, half of the business day can be squeezed into your babe's nap time.

Our house now revolves around an afternoon nap time. We get home or back into the house around lunch and hopefully down for a nap shortly after. And the days that I'm lucky, I can fit in 2-3 hours of work! (Of course, I listen to the advice and many days I will choose to drink my tea, read a little, write, blog, etc. over the thought of doing any work)

Of course, this is not time that I spend with clients, but is paperwork time. Today I had the fortune to work on my educational credits. I was reviewing research on PMS, dysmenorrhea, and connections to diet and lifestyle, and all of it was presented by two MEN! Just to confuse the matter for me, because the entire time I was listening to them present about afflictions of the female body I kept thinking, "Wouldn't this be more appropriate coming from a woman?" Anyhow, in case you did not already know, take your B6 vitamins, your omega 3 fats, your chaste berry tree fruit, your fibre, your primrose oil and flax and reduce your salt, alcohol, sugar, and other bad vices. And it must be old information because they were still encouraging the use of soy-where have I been? I thought that was a no-no now. (Please note: None of this information is intended to be used as medical advice. Talk to your doctor about your situation.) And as an aside, I have found in my practice that chiropractic adjustments can help to relieve many symptoms associated with PMS and painful cycles.

Today was a very productive nap time. It was such a long nap that Scott is now running after Scarlett at 9:45 pm tonight. Ooops.

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