Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Guilty Little Secret

I am sure that many moms have done this so I probably should not feel guilty. In fact, I told Scott what I had done and he thought it was a great idea.

Scarlett loves water, and bubbles, and monopolizing our time. I love spending much of my day with her, but most days also need to accomplish a few things and get ready for work. I feel too guilty about our use of the DVD player, so I had to rack my brain for a new idea.

Yesterday, I decided to pull up her little step stool to the bathroom sink, add some water and bubbles, and with the facet dripping, I let her play. Just splashing her hands in the soapy water. And she played there for 30 minutes. I got a lot done-makeup, hair, got dressed, made a snack for work, and probably a few other things and I didn't have to resort to using the TV.

That's it. I had guilty images of her falling off her stool, her eating bubbles, her drowning in the sink, or her crawling onto the cupboard and falling off that. I did catch her with her leg up on the cupboard, but the quiet when she's figuring out something new is a dead giveaway. The entire time she played I was either right beside her, or within feet of her. And I could hear her the entire time-splashing in the water and babbling away. And trust me when I say that our house is SMALL-she was close the whole time. It seemed too easy.

Am I guilty for no reason? Is this a sin equal to leaving the toilet cover up and letting her drown? Is this something everyone does but I didn't know? I was hoping that water play is both educational and good clean fun.

(And yes, I plan to report on our new adventures that we've been up to-it's just been a busy couple of days! Soon.)

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