Friday, May 14, 2010

And The Best Adventure Is In Our Backyard

Our little girl has been quite the trooper this week. We've hauled her to the office more than usual as our evening receptionist was on holiday and then sick. Many surfaces are covered in stickers, and the floors are cleaner from all the water and snacks that have been spilled.

In addition to afternoons at Elan, I was on a mission to visit a few new places in Calgary. Here's where we've been and my experience of whether they were kid friendly or not.

Body Worlds at Telus World of Science was relatively kid friendly-umbrella strollers only though and you'd best prepare for crowds. I ended up carrying Scarlett in a sling on my back because she was tired and also a little squirrely in one room of the exhibit. Definitely don't let your kids wander as there is too much to grab (like the bodies). The centre does have good change facilities in their family washroom. And the subject matter? You can decide on that one. I found it mostly tastefully done, although I think I would choose not to display the drawer man or the angel woman. Try not to listen too much to other people as there was a lot of confusion when people were trying to figure out what body part was what.

After Body Worlds, we went to the Weiner Schnitzel Haus in Montgomery-it's only been on our places we want to eat list for a few years now. Very yummy food. We opted to get take out because of the long afternoon, but while we waited for our food, the waitress played a bit with Scarlett and also gave her a snack (thank you!). Scarlett ran around a bit and liked watching the chef cook in the open kitchen. The restaurant is small so as long as the other patrons like kids, you'd be set!

Cadence Coffee in Bowness. Not new to us but I haven't been there in a while because it is so trendy and busy! I like when Bowness has something great to offer. A nice customer helped me hold the door for the stroller. (And they close at 4 pm in case you decide to go in the evening).

I tried to go shopping at Plum in Westhills-beautiful clothes but I need to go back without Scarlett. She wanted to join the mannequins in the window display. Nobody fawned over my child...(gasp)

And again, not a new store to us, but we made a visit to Babes in Arms and of course they are super kid friendly. They have a kids play area, and they sell many kids items-diapers, slings, wooden toys, and teething necklaces. Scarlett has a new hazelwood necklace, which seems to be working well. She started with a tiny skin rash and it was gone the following day (hazelwood is supposed to reduce acidity in the body). Plus, every time we've been in the store, the staff have been great.

And that's all except our usual activities. But the favorite activity of this week...

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and started cleaning and digging up my flower and vegetable gardens. (I may have to write a post one day on their incredible work ethic, and my lack of one). Scarlett got to help them in the garden. When her Mommy is with her, Scarlett's not allowed to wallow in the dirt, but Grandma and Grandpa let her get right in! At one point I looked out the window-I was making dinner-and saw Scarlett lying face down in the vegetable garden with dirt in her hand and mouth. Yucky.

Moments after getting up from lying in the dirt-where was the camera in time?

I'm sad you can't see the dirt better-it's around her mouth, in her hair and ears, ground into her pretty Gymboree top (which I hope it washes out of) and under her fingernails and toenails.

I look forward to our new adventure(s) this week!

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