Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Rhubarb Way

Rhubarb is a pretty big weed in our backyard. A bit like a dandelion, perhaps? Both are only weeds if you think they are-after all, we do have the best patch of dandelions on our block! The rhubarb plant scares me a little with its enormous leaves, and it drowns out the sun for the surrounding little plants. It is very smart at channelling every drop of water and ray of sunshine for its own growth. But because I like my iris's better, I had to pick some this weekend to let the other plants grow. And it gets the honor of being the first edible produce from our garden this year. (Oops, I lied, we already ate some chives).

I wanted a picture of my rhubarb, but I didn't want a picture of my gardening attire and hat! Thanks for blurring me out Scott!

We will be eating some rhubarb for dessert tonight. Maybe a crisp or a fool?

Rhubarb always makes me think of driving, "Keep out of the rhubarb!". Are there places where rhubarb grows in ditches?

And yes, the weather held this long weekend. I have my veggie seeds all planted and I did some marathon weeding of a few flower beds. Scott was a huge help at keeping Scarlett occupied since I needed to work in our front yard where little girls are not allowed. Next I need to finish my transplants and baskets, before I can relax and watch the garden grow.

My note: As I recently had brought to my attention, I'm not blogging much about taking my babe to work with me. (A little but not a lot). I'm happy to answer questions about taking our baby to work, if you have any! I'm just taking my creative freedom and writing about the rest of our life with babe in tow. There will be posts about our baby at work, here and there!

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