Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthdays

First it was my birthday. So I took the day off.

Then it was Canada Day, so I had a ready made long weekend.

Between all of the cheesecake, cupcakes, visiting family and friends, making crafts and playing games at an outdoor festival, swimming, watching Scarlett in the sandbox and on the playground, and eating... I just never made it on to the computer. In five days! What a nice break. And did I mention sitting in a car? For 10 1/2 hours for a 6 hour drive, if that makes any sense. It seems that all my fellow Albertans love to travel the same places that I do.

Hopefully that explains my blogging absence.

I have made it back to work today. And Scarlett was thrilled to see all of her toys, dolls and stuffies at the house and at work that she forgot about for those 5 days.

And now it is summer in Calgary for a couple of weeks. I have never seen a city as influenced by the holidays as is Calgary. This city of ours is now officially on break so we will see how the week and the month unfold.

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