Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Creative Process

We have been having fun adding more creativity to our days. (Creativity being my theme for July for those of you just joining me.) Many times it is more about the process and the experience than about the end result.
I started off with a stampede theme, and photocopied a cowboy hat for Scarlett to paint. That's the tiny brown hat, beside the big blue hat from Kids Day at Stampede.
Then there was this beautiful jewellery pendant made from sugar, water, and fruit loops. I used Nutri-Os (Scarlett would never eat them), with icing sugar and water. The "pendant" didn't turn out so I scrapped the necklace. You can envision a nice beaded strand of licorice or dental floss-beaded with Nutri-Os, of course. This Jello art looks so pretty.

The goal was to cookie-cutter the jelly into stars and flowers. We ended up with grape jello blobs. We still ate them and Scarlett enjoyed playing with the jello.

My attempts at Art Class with Scarlett make me really appreciate the Toddler Class we go to during the fall to spring period. The kids don their bibs. The teacher brings the art project all ready to go with safe glue or paint. Embellishments are passed around. Wipes appear. Within 10 minutes the art portion is done and we're all cleaned up. Definitely worth the cost of the classes. It takes me 10 minutes to figure out what we should do, not to mention the prep, activity, clean-up, etc. Right now, we are all about the process and we look forward to making pretty art in class in September.

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