Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July's Theme

I just realized we're a week into summer "holidays", and I feel that I can barely catch my breath! What happened?!?

I had spent a day or two thinking how I should spend my July. I came to the decision that July will be my focus on creativity, along the lines of following the Happiness Project, and bringing more fun into my life. So yes, July is about creativity.

That loosely includes building sandcastles, piles of rocks, baking or cooking new items, painting, drawing, scrap booking, gardening, play doh, crafts, writing... so I may be cheating a bit since a lot of that is part of our regular life.

Once I committed to that, I've suddenly been run off of my feet at work all of this week. It's funny how the universe works that way, so I will also be working harder to create health with my clients. Not to confuse anyone, I am working as usual, but I frequently take advantage of the slowness of this month and just include more R&R in my spare time.

And we also got back from our holiday and found out our new iPad had arrived-yay! I'm exercising new parts of my brain to see if I can use this for blogging. So far so good, but I'm still adjusting.

To include the iPad in the creativity theme-amazing slideshow of our pictures. That alone could be a selling feature. And... Scott had Scarlett hooked up with a draw program this morning, so she can scribble on the screen with her finger and doodle on pictures. Not that it will replace the paper versions, but it is going to make traveling this summer so much easier.

I look forward to what things we will create in the next month. I have to take a drive to Michaels or the dollar store next!

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