Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Insurance Gods

Bye-Bye little neon. The insurance company now owns you, but I think you'll have a nice second (or third) life. You've been a good car for me over our 6 years together.

We've had a week of insurance, but all good things have happened after the storms have cleared. Calgary has been hit by a few hail storms, and in one of them, all of our vehicles were also hit. Whether I am really lucky, really smart, or really unlucky to have it all happen to me, I've started to realize that I'm really happy with my insurance.

Long story short, the neon was a total loss and the insurance company paid me out for it. Which worked well since we were wanting to sell it anyways and I'm happy with what they paid me. Especially since I've apparently been paying for depreciation add back something or other with my insurance. The neon's my second car that I've had to write off with hail damage-the first one was my first car-a Hyundai Pony, which I was also able to drive for a couple more years, then sell again to a neighbor who drove it for a few more years.

The neon was on its second life with me since it had once been stolen and then found, and then completely repaired before coming home to me (2 rental cars and a few courtesy cars later).

The neon came into my life after an unfortunate car accident that I was involved in 7 years ago. Again, my insurance company treated me very well.

How else have I used insurance? Credit card insurance replaced a lap top (Visa really did cover the loss since it was within 30 days of my purchase-I have been asked this one before). And my office liability insurance was again good to deal with after an office break in. (And by the way, there really is a CSI-like guy that arrives and finger prints all the surfaces). We now have guard dogs, alarms and video surveillance, as well. (I may be truthful, I may be lying, I may have some or all, but don't test me) I haven't needed any disability insurance, thank goodness, but a nice little rider on my policy returns a chunk of my premium after a number of years.

Today is my quick thank you to my Insurance Gods. I may be over insured. I may have opted in for too many optionals. I may own too many things spread out over too many places (I don't really-its just the office, house and cars). I hope to never need my critical illness insurance, my disability, my malpractice, my liability...and yes, I'm knocking on wood, but it's nice to know that you are there just in case. Add life insurance to the list of course. I am hoping that by my showing gratitude for all the wonderful ways you have served me, perhaps I won't need to use you as often. I am also thinking that perhaps I should buy more lottery tickets to add to the mix.

What about you? Are we over insured these days? Am I unlucky or is this level of insurance use the norm?

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  1. We're also pretty heavily insured, but being self-employed I think it necessary. Glad to hear you got a good payout on your car.