Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday At Our House

Today is feeling like a lazy summer day. Since I am blogging so little, I thought I would share what we are up to, as mundane as it. On day one of my weekend. Warning: May be boring!

My teenager/toddler woke up at 10:45 today. I didn't have the heart to wake her earlier and somedays I just accept she is a little night owl.

I did nothing productive or motherly while she slept. I did have her fed, clothed, cleaned and out of the house by 11:30.

I figured two errands was safe. We started off at AMA taking back my plates and canceling registration on the neon. That trip was not necessarily worth it-it cost me $8 and I now get a cheque back for $19. Hmmmm. Is there a reason I just did that? Scarlett was good. The man helping me at the registry said, "oh, she's so quiet.". Hit and miss I told him.

Then to the Farmer's Market. I arrive with my bags, Scarlett, her two monster creatures, and money of course, but no list. I start thinking, I have a garden that is suddenly producing-lettuce and greens at least, meat in the freezer, most of the basics, veggies, why am I here? To find all the in season produce, of course! We buy eggs, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, and by now Scarlett is energized by the crowds, kids, balloons, noise, etc and is running out of control. She's walking with and talking to little girls, kissing the Buddha statues and petting the frog lawn ornaments, and is captivated by the lobsters. There's my real reason for coming. A little bit of food and to wear my daughter out. I decide to tempt fate and share a gelato with Scarlett. On Scott's advice, I lure her into her car seat with it. (Thank You!). The rain boots that she wanted to wear now seem a little wrong with the sun and blue sky.

And we're back in the car. Really, two errands is it. Yes, I gave her sugar and somebody's nuts in the back seat.

We get home. Let the dog in the backyard and Scarlett insists on having her on the leash so she can lead her around. I pull weeds out of the garden. We get lots of Vit D as we are un-sun screened on purpose. Is anybody else confused how how much is safe sun exposure and when it is time to use the sunscreen? We're both pale, so I figure we need the sun.

Go inside. Eat second lunch of the left over bean salad, and blueberries. Scarlett starts playing with blueberries and is pouring them between cups and bowls. Have I mentioned we are just so happy when she eats, that she can get away with this?

I sneak in a diaper change, somehow she's ready for a nap and by 3pm, she's sleeping with no fight. Very nice. And here we are. This is truthfully, much easier than most days.

I must admit when I give up the schedule, some days are so much smoother. We'll see what happens with the rest of the day.

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