Monday, July 12, 2010

Stampede Weekend

This may be slightly scandalous as I live in Calgary and haven't even been to Stampede yet this year. (gasp?)

But it was a busy weekend and it almost feels like a kids book: (Sorry for the grammar)

One kiddy wading pool waded in.

One Bowness Stampede Parade spectated.

Two pancake breakfasts ate.

One wedding reception ate and danced and laughed at.

Three gardens weeded.

Two hours of patients seen and adjusted.

Two hail storms survived.

And one lassie/smoothy with blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, almonds, honey, and almond milk, consumed-yum.

And that's all. Aside from the naps, meals, chores, play,etc. I now have some crafts prepped for the week, I have a napping girl and I'm ready for the online race for gymnastics registration tonight!

Our iPad can't read the photo cards yet, but my favorite thing this weekend was Scarlett in her beautiful special dress up dress for the wedding reception (white crinkled satiny material with blue embroidery) complete with a colorful Tibetan ceremonial hat with blue and red and yellow pompoms on a black embroidered hat. Dancing until 10:30.

Happy first weekend of Stampede. Yeehaw.

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