Monday, June 28, 2010

Spare Time

But what do you do with your spare time?

I used to get this question a lot when I worked a split shift (8 am - 12 pm; 3 pm - 6 pm). Before baby. And I always tried to answer it well. I have lunch, I work out (back in the old days), that kind of thing. My other spare time? I like to garden, scrapbook. For some reason, I always felt I should answer the question.

Now? I still get asked the question (this is by patients, by the way, as we chit-chat as I work). The usual person is male, in their 20's, no kids.

And now, I blank when the question comes. Spare time? What's that? If you mean, what do I do outside the office, well, I "parent". There's 3 meals a day which take time to prepare and at least half an hour to see if Scarlett will eat (and I usually get 2 meals to look after, Scott has one). Snacks. Clean up. Diapers. Change into clean clothes. Read books. Play. Laundry? Sometimes we make it out for a walk or to the park. I try to plan at least one type of activity (yes, the park counts as an activity) if we have a morning or afternoon free.

But I kept this question in mind last Wednesday because I felt so productive. Somebody must have asked me the question recently.

I worked in the morning, came home around noon. Truthfully, I needed help getting Scarlett into her car seat because she was so tired and hungry and cranky. When we got home we had a calm down time and lunch. Then a nap.

Once she woke up, I made the dough for a spinach pie. (this is very productive for me).

We went outside and Scarlett played with the dog, dirt and water, while I planted my last 3 planter pots with flowers. June 23rd for a completion date this year-a little sad.

Needless to say, Scarlett was drenched and dirty, so we changed her. Had a snack. Then I made dinner. I tried to bribe her with a DVD but she spent most of my dinner making time on my back in a wrap.

And the time dinner was ready and on the table.... 7:30 pm. Oops. But only the best Greek Spinach-Feta-Mushroom-Pie-that I ever remember eating. Yum.

There's the day, because that leads to bath time, more run around time & protest bedtime, and then bed.

Does that count as spare time?

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  1. I love days like that, but I also love days when I do nothing "productive" but just do what mommies do.
    PS That pie looks delicious!