Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am a true-blue introvert. I can stay home all day and feel peaceful at the end of it. I like my "other-people-time" in small doses (no offense, it's just the way that I am) and somehow I managed not to learn about the introvert-extrovert debate until after I was enrolled in professional college. However, I do manage to function in a extroverted world, and even (gasp!) work with people at the office.

And my dear Scarlett, is showing true-blue signs of being an extrovert. She's cranky at home, loves other people and will seek out attention if it is not doted on her. She is most restful after a full day-seeing faces other than mom or dad, playing somewhere new other than the backyard, and her worst days are when we stay home. I never went stir crazy in my own house until Scarlett came along.

In some way this combination is perfect for us. It drives me out of the house more often than my usual, and I am hoping it will teach Scarlett to entertain herself when I do refuse to leave the house. When I take her to work with me, it feeds her little extrovert neediness to see people all the time and fuels her energy. Although she doesn't get to come to the office as much lately, because she is a crazy toddler after all.

How else does it work for us? It is fun for me to see how an extrovert loves the outside world and how much the outside world loves that! I remember being a quiet, shy child and it is amazing the difference in how people interact with a little child who is the initiator in exchanges-smiles, communication, and attention in general. She who puts the energy out, gets the energy in return. I personally do not seek the same amount of attention but now I sometimes feel badly for the little kids that are the way that I was (or am). They will never get the same amount of attention that a Scarlett will.

I also hope that my introvertedness will help to bring balance to Scarlett. I sometimes see her watching people in a manner similar to what I will do-I believe that I am more of an observer because of my personality style and pick up different things than if I wasn't. I have seen her engaged in play and conversation with toys and stuffies - she doesn't need people to entertain her all of the time and I know she can entertain herself when needed. I hope that she will learn ways to generate energy from herself and quiet time-whether that will one day mean yoga and mediation, journalling, or other artistic expression.

I am curious how our introvert-extrovert relationship unfolds.

Any advice for this introvert raising an extrovert?

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