Thursday, June 10, 2010

From My 30 days

If you're following very closely, you will know that I am now past my 30 days. 30 days to do 30 minutes of yoga, clean up my to-do list, and have a weekly adventure with Scarlett. I was more diligent with some of those than others which was partly why I thought it may be appropriate to sum it up today-on day 35. I figure that I missed at least 5 days in there, so I may be up to day 30 now.

I'll do my what didn't work first: I have been sidetracked at the new adventures with Scarlett, because why does the spring get so busy? Of course, we have still spent lots of time together, and quality time at that, but the spare time was spent locally-backyard, playground, etc, aside from a few places that I have blogged about already. Fortunately, the summer has no weekly activities for Scarlett, so I plan to continue this goal. Always keeping in mind that I am raising an extrovert who loves the new things, places and people, while I am the introvert who does not crave these things.

I am cleaning up my to-do list. Yay! And of course, it grows just as fast as it seems I add activities & tasks to it daily.

And then the yoga. Have I ever mentioned that I am my best at this regular routine when I don't feel my best? And then I do yoga, feel really good, and seem to lose the incentive to practice it as regularly? Oops. I do think that JUST 30 minutes of yoga can make a significant impact in your health. When I practice yoga at this frequency, I have virtually no aches or pains, have better energy, and am probably more pleasant. I feel because of my work I should be in decent shape (I'll never run a marathon, but I should at least be pain free most days), and that is further incentive for me.

What was fun for these 30 days of yoga? The pets love it when I am doing yoga-I never understood this, but they know the difference between my lying on the floor, and my lying on the floor doing yoga. Bizarre. My favorite was using the YogaKids DVD. Mrs Yoga and the kids imitate animals, hold the poses for seconds, but it had me laughing and in a great mood. And I love practicing yoga outside-although I stick to fair weather days. I'm still convinced all yoga is great for kids to see-they imitate and move and pick up our change in energy.

If I was more Type A, I probably would have/should have made a chart that I could track my progress with check marks or stickers, and could tell you absolutely if I passed or failed this past 30 days. But I'm not there right now, and I still think that any change is good change, and I have gotten a lot accomplished in the past 30 (35) days.

I do plan to continue to practice these three new "habits" but without it hovering on my to-do list and am going to put some thought into what my next 30 day commitment will be. I'm thinking artsy crafty or digging a dandelion a day or something along those lines!

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