Thursday, June 3, 2010

Unusual Sightings

I've seen a few things that have caught me off guard this week:
  1. A pair of jack rabbits in our local park/playground. (Yes the same park that was sprayed with Killex before the rains.) We've seen them three times in this park and about 2-3 more in the neighborhood. First it was one rabbit, hopping around the playground equipment and along the fence. On Tuesday it was two rabbits lounging in the grass. Today, in the rain, it was three playing around the playground equipment. Just like in a kid's counting book. Scarlett doesn't say the word for rabbit or bunny, but will say "hop hop hop".
  2. Walking by Bowness High School, I saw a teen get out of a cab. Do some kids really take cabs to school?
  3. After our swim class, I saw a woman walk by with a preschooler, and a baby tucked into a shoulder bag. I looked at her repeatedly, because it was not a baby carrier, or sling, but a plain old bag carried over one shoulder with a baby sitting in the bag, at her belly button height. Has anyone seen this before? The baby could hold its head up, so it must have been over 6 months or so, but how could it's body possibly fit? Needless to say, I don't think that is very safe for any one involved.

And I don't think this is unusual, but yesterday at the office, somebody asked, "Why are there all of these kids around here?".

I had not thought that this may be viewed as unusual because we do tend to see a number of babies, and moms with pregnant bellies, and kids of various ages. But for this man, it was apparently as unusual as my unusual sightings. Do you think it is unusual to see kids at a chiropractic office? I can't possibly cover all the reasons that I see kids at the office, but for more information on this, please visit, which is the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. It's something that should be viewed as usual!

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  1. I have a friend whose child takes a cab from their home in the deep south to the French Immersion school by me in Westgate--and it is free! Yes, this is how the CBE spends their money while cutting 200 teaching positions, increasing class sizes, and closing inner city schools.