Monday, June 14, 2010

I love Bowness

I heard that there were a few events around town this weekend. Greek Fest. Carifest. Probably a handful of others. I still managed to occupy myself here in Bowness. My house is here and my preference is to have our activities here, too, whenever I can manage it.

Here's some things we've been up/places we've been to in the last few days that you may want to check out too.

Edworthy Park: I'm starting with the only place not technically in Bowness, but really close by. We counted 4 kid's playgrounds, many pathways to walk on, and Angels cafe of course. The river also splits the park and I can never get enough water in this town.

Bowness Park: (and Bowmont) (and Baker park across the river with the sun bowl). I will talk about the park many times-sorry. Love, love, love the park, although on days like yesterday-a sunny Sunday-leave your car at home. We were fortunate to bike with Scarlett in the chariot carrier and gawk at the parade of traffic circling for parking. I think the kids water park is open now and the paddle boats and canoes are available for rent. And the Bow River is full of people on tubes and in boats.

Bowness Library: It just feels like a small town library, complete with a story time offering. Scarlett can run almost anywhere in the building and I can still see her. Plus they post local events, such as at...

Belvedere Parkway Elementary School: First, great playground. Second, they hosted a "free" community event last Friday complete with a Children's Entertainer/Singer. We brought a donation of school supplies as our admission. I love events like this-the little ones were all sitting restlessly on the floor, then a couple of rows of adults & kids sitting on the long school benches, then real chairs or standing space for the other adults at the back. Almost everybody was singing along and doing the actions that went with the songs. We even got to take home a free loot bag at the end. Nothing says community like events like this. And I've completely forgotten our entertainer, but here's her picture:

Scarlett enjoyed both the concert and the folding chairs.

Plus there is a family concert coming up on Father's Day at Baker Park. Gotta love Bowness. Thanks to our community association for a great job.

And yes, I did my return to the business world and participated in my first trade show (in 3 years) on the weekend. Not in Bowness though-we were up near Springbank Hill. Scarlett had a quick visit while I was there, but wasn't well enough distracted by the face painting, bouncy castle, or other kids present. Or huge, new, playground across the street.

I know other communities have many things to offer, but I still love Bowness!


  1. Bowness is great and it is a no brained. Bowness is inner city, small bungalows and big fifty foot lots. Gentrification time!!!

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!!

    Gotta love bowness

  2. Drew is right. Gotta love Bowness!!!

    Both Bowness and Montgomery are the coolest areas in Calgary right now. Both are riverfront communities. Both are only going up in terms of real estate values. Montgomery triangle is awesome! This is the small high end part of Montgomery by the river and batting cage and Shouldice park. Cheers!!

  3. It seems like there is a lot more chatter about Bowness and Montgomery real estate right now. Both are great communities, and both will only go up in value. After reading some other posts: I did some due diligence on this Montgomery Triangle--it truly is the nicest spot in Montgomery. Up up up!!!