Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Media Request

Scott was almost on the CBC Early News tonight talking about allergies, and allergy elimination. Almost. Poor guy. I think he would have liked to have seen himself on TV. But in the end, we just were not quick enough for the world of media.

It was a funny morning. Someone had called from CBC and wanted to talk to a representative from our office. I'm media shy and it wasn't my topic, so we left it for Scott (who does the allergy work in our office). Then the guy from CBC called again. Scott by the way, is busy with Scarlett and about to take her to story time. Priorities!

I start work and see clients for a couple of hours.

By the time I'm finished, the message I have to take home to Scott is, "Oh, the 2:30 interview with the guy from CBC is cancelled." OK, I didn't know they coordinated that, or that it's now off. And CBC was about to come to Elan?

It gave me a few things to think about. Did they find a new "expert" on the subject, who coincidentally had nothing to do but wait for the phone call? I'm a bit concerned that the new expert may potentially be the person who really does not have the experience, but really just has the time available. Did they drop the story? I'm almost curious enough to watch the news, which really isn't my thing.

When did the media get all the power? Why should we drop everything at their request? Why do people look at me as though I'm an alien when I show no interest in being interviewed? I suppose it is an anti-business attitude, but really, I (we) are busy with people (clients/patients and a child) who do need our help and it is difficult to drop everything at a moment's notice.

So, sadly, Scott will not be on TV tonight. You can forward further media requests to Elan at 403 217 5577, attention Scott. Hopefully with at least 24 hours notice.

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