Monday, December 6, 2010

Six Year Old Baby

I thought that I became a mother when Scarlett was born. (Or conceived-is that when you start feeling maternal?) However, now that my first baby has its birthday today, I'm realizing that I've felt like a mom for longer than that. As odd as it may sound, our little business does feel like part of our family. Its so odd, and why am I writing that?

Our Six Year Old Baby (officially 6 years old TODAY) is Elan Family Wellness Centre. I guess she's a girl, and Sagittarius apparently.

We've worried about her at night. (Mainly after Elan was broken in to.). We've made special trips back to make sure she's OK. (Yes, I'm a little OCD). I try to bring nice people to her to visit. We remind her to be patient and polite and have manners with everyone who comes, even if we sometimes don't feel like it. We've had many meals with Elan, and many, many, many snacks. We bring her plants to keep the air nice and try to keep her at a comfortable temperature. We decorate for some seasons or holidays, and have even done the Christmas decorating this year. I think she generally looks "pretty".

We've had fun with Elan, and frustrations. Like every kid and business, growing pains were part of the journey. She can run us off our feet, or have times with complete laziness and time to drink tea or coffee. Or to fret about her future. (Will she grow up to be a BIG office one day?)

Elan even survived us leaving her a few times in trusted hands-for holidays, including a few times with replacements for me. We had the big event when Scarlett arrived, when she was left alone for months (well, 2 months) and only got tiny bits of attention since. Is that what happens to older children? They get a little bit ignored when the baby arrives?

I'm happy to say that Elan has survived and thrived to the ripe old age of 6! I don't aspire for Elan to be "bigger" as we like her just as she is. We appreciate her welcoming and warm personality. It has been nice to have Elan as part of the family for these past several years.

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  1. Congratulations Josephene, and HB to Elan. You make her sound wonderful - I'll have to visit her if I'm ever out your way...