Friday, December 17, 2010

I Love Homeopathics

I love Scarlett's homeopathics.

She's teething. I assume that is what the hand in the mouth, full tilt screeching noise, and general irritability is. I would also love to adjust her but she won't let me near her spine. I can't say which comes first but teething and upper cervical (neck) irritation seem to go hand in hand.

Off to Bowness Health Food Store we went. At 6:30 pm 2 nights ago. I thought I was doing a quick run by myself, but Scarlett put on her boots so both of us went. It was probably a good idea that she came because do you ever find that kids should pick this type of thing out for her (him) self? For instance-I will hold up 2 remedies which both seem to fit her symptoms, and which ever one she picks is the winner. Its very scientific. So we came home with the Camilia blend by Boiron and Calcarea Phosphorous pellets. If you haven't shopped at this store before, they are always so helpful, and they are a landmark in Bowness.

The Camilia blend is winning so far. One little doseage and Scarlett calmed down within 5 minutes. It is amazing. A couple times we've had to use 2 doses, but so far it hasn't failed.

Have you tried homeopathics yet?

I will say that this is the generic usage of homepathics. Our naturopath is on maternity leave and we have yet to see a homeopathic doctor. A constitutional remedy would probably be much more effective, but I'm still pretty happy with our results.

If you're scratching your head and asking what homeopathics are-what is the easiest description? They are a natural "medicine" of very diluted quantities; I think they work energetically, but please feel free to correct me. I feel a million times better about giving my daughter homeopathics than resorting to any pain or teething medicine. I'm hoping that one day Scarlett will one day think of them for all of her bumps and owies. And yes, even offering her Arnica seems to somehow soothe her spirits.

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