Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at Elan

All three of us have been spending the day together today. Perhaps unconventionally. All three of us went to work this morning.

Originally Scott was going to work, I was going to be off. Then our new massage therapist was going to work. Then I realized that I should probably be there to help her. Then I started to book some clients here and there, around Scarlett, and the massage schedule. Before I knew it, the morning was busy, and we're all at the office 4 hours today!

We packed up Scarlett's new magnetic "paper dolls"-an early Christmas gift.

We packed up Frosty the tree ornament, the Easter bunny, and a stuffed baby elephant.

We packed a snack, and other essentials.

And off we went.

Today was the day of movies and games on the iPad, painting on the Buddha Board, playing with mega blocks, stamping, stickering, playing chase around the tables, playing on the computer and phone, and learning that the phones page each other. And of course seeing a few familiar faces and a few new ones. It sounds like it could be a typical day at home, doesn't it?

We're looking forward to our quiet Christmas at home this year. I hope our daughter doesn't look back on this one day and think, "you took me to the office on Christmas Eve?!?!".

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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