Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Belly Grows

I have faced the fact that I love pregnant bellies. I loved my own when I was pregnant with Scarlett, and I still love seeing them. They are fun to watch grow, and shift and change. Plus it is fun to see how much more positive and happy people act around a baby belly. (Please tell me you have seen this!)

Here's a cute video that I saw on Facebook today that I thought was fun. It's a series of still photographs, pieced together and then put to music. The information is on the site:


I did take the title from their title, "Magic-A Belly Grows". And the mom in the picture is the one in the video.



Can I include this as a motivating factor to have another baby? I wish I could look as cute in front of the camera as this mom. Would it take much convincing to talk Scott into taking photos like this?

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