Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I used to be an avid walker.

Some of my favorite memories of places I have lived revolve around the areas I used to walk in. My favorite was the Mt Pleasant Cemetary in Toronto. It was so quiet and peaceful with the occasional jogger or visitor. I miss it! Although I do not miss Toronto. And I loved the walks along Lakeshore and the beaches in Kelowna. Complete with an optional swim in the lake if I wanted.

I have walked for exercise, to get places, to get out of the house, to walk the dog, for peace of mind, to see the neighborhoods, and to see the changes in nature.

I walked a lot when I was pregnant, waiting for a baby, and then to get myself and Scarlett out of the house. She walked with me carried in a sling, in a stroller, until suddenly earlier this summer, it all ended. The stroller meets with screams, the sling she wiggles out of, so she must walk. Either very slowly, or full tilt chaos to who knows where. So we sometimes go for walks- to the park, in malls, in dog walk areas, but I'm still pretty leery to walk along sidewalks with my toddler who usually won't hold my hand. Not to mention that Scarlett loves to walk the dog and they usually wind up tangled around each other and me.

This has led to not so many walks lately.

Then I realized that I can go by myself once Scott is home with Scarlett. I went for a walk last night, with the dog, and it felt ridiculously liberating.

And what did I see? The sun. (A marvel these days). New houses for sale in the neighborhood. A church for sale-who knew? Houses with new paint, new fences. Families with kids that I have never seen before. (It is a small neighborhood). The flowers were all different than when I was last out in July. The leaves were changing color. Work on a park near the river.

That's it. Scarlett was upset she didn't get to come and she had wanted to walk the dog. But that probably lasted 30 seconds until I was out of site. And I felt better. A little exercise, fresh air and a fresh mind. I had missed my walks.

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