Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pursuit of Boredom

I am in the middle of a two week holiday. I feel a little self-indulgent and spoiled, but overall happy that I made the decision to take this break. The first week was easy to decide on; the second week I did partly for me and partly for Scarlett. I think we all do better with a change from our daily routines, and it is easier to justify for kids. Remember growing up and having those endless weeks off in the summer? That is one thing I want to give Scarlett, so we'll start with these two weeks.

In the middle of last week, I was thinking that I would really like to reach that place of boredom. Where you have done all of the activities you want to do, as idle or busy as you choose, and then you just can be. For me, after I reach the elusive place of boredom, there is a place of space and that is where all of the beautiful gifts of creativity, vision, lightbulb moments, and wonder occur. A place where growth and change are born. For adults and kids.

But I would also like to reach that place beyond the boredom first, because I'm not sure that I'll reach that place of boredom anytime soon.

I was very lucky last week and had Scott with me so there was one of us to watch Scarlett, and one of us to cook/clean (it is a holiday but it is glorified camping). This week, I get to pretend I am a single parent and do it all. And while I am all for Scarlett reaching the point of boredom as well, her boredom tends to run in the opposite direction of me. Towards traffic. Or down the beach line towards the pit bulls...

So we will be finding the fine balance of some boredom for mommy, and not too much boredom for Scarlett. I have a few art supplies, lots of toys, and many, many things that she can do outside should boredom strike her too early or too often.

I still hope to read enough that I'm done reading for the moment. Write enough that my thoughts are emptied out of my head. Lie around enough that I finally want to move and exercise. Sleep enough that I feel refreshed (unlikely). And still fit in time for friends and family, and swims, sandcastles, random nature exploring, ice cream eating and tea drinking. We'll see how long the naps are out here.

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