Friday, August 27, 2010

Domestic Day

As much as I love being able to take our babe to work with us (occasionally) this week was a little odd and she made four appearances at the office. Not for the full stretch, just a half hour here and there. And that means that for four days, we didn't have the perfect naps, or perfect mealtimes, because you know those are perfect on the other days.

Today was a glorious day off for Scarlett and me, and we have yet to leave the house.

I baked my sourdough bread. (My science experiment is still going strong)

I started on the piles of laundry.

We picked peas from the garden. Did I mention my laissez faire garden this year? Please feel free to correct my french but it is the best way to describe my garden where the slugs and weeds are winning. But I can still boast that it is pesticide free and it is producing some things this year. Just not the zucchini and tomatoes I was looking forward to.

Evidence of my garden

We watered the flower gardens. It has been so wet this year that this is a job that is still a novelty.

Scarlett ran around barefoot and then watered herself too. Fortunately, it was sunny and warm and we have a closet full of clothes.

She's currently napping on a freshly made bed.

I'll hopefully get around to making dinner sometime.

I even took the garbage out and brought the garbage can back to its home.

I feel like I've done enough today that I get a little break for a while.

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