Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Death by Kisses

Our 21 month old daughter is going through a phase of extreme affection. It is quite lovely. Huge bear hugs with her little arms wrapped around our necks. Lasting long enough that I think about moving and she's wrapped so tightly that she hangs on. Hugs to our legs. Horsey-back rides with her clinging to our back. Many times the hugs are preceded by a full tilt run across the room. It is so sweet.

And then there are the kisses. Occasionally she will give a chaste puckered up kiss when I head out the door. That type is rare. Usually it is a full on, open mouth kiss of multiple second duration.

It usually starts with her two little hands on either side of my face. (or Daddy's, but fortunately no one else yet). She holds my head very firmly, and completely face on to her. Then she lunges in while holding everything in place.

One big slobbery kiss, sometimes with teeth mashing into my face, and I'm not sure how, but I can't breathe. A little bit of panic stirs in me. Her little body is suctioned to me and if her hands aren't holding my face in place, her arms are wrapped around my neck. Or she's lying flat on me and maybe 25 pounds sounds light, but I can't breathe.

So I pull her off of me, and we start the process again. Over and over again.

And I wouldn't think the thought would ever cross my mind, but then I start to think of death by kisses. Does a child ever love a parent so much that he/ she could smother or suffocate the parent with kisses? Yes, the parent in this case is strong enough to tell the story, but could it happen?

It wouldn't be the worse way to go; knowing at the end that someone loved you so much that they wanted to show you over and over again, how much. And how did you die? Why, death by kisses, of course.

I am enjoying the affection that is being bestowed on me these days. We usually end up gasping for air between laughing and the wrestling match that the kisses turn into. We will one day try to communicate with Scarlett that perhaps the kisses need to be a little gentler. And closed mouth of course.

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