Thursday, August 12, 2010

For The Love of Milk

This past week, Scarlett has discovered a love of milk. The regular cow-type, in a carton. She will go to the open fridge, point at the pink container, say "Moo", we ask her if she wants milk, she says yes, we pour a glass, and she drinks it. It still surprises me every time. There are probably parents out there fighting with their kids to drink the milk, and I'm wondering if its ok if I pour her a glass. Or two or three.

Scarlett still nurses. Her last two medical check-ups the doctor had asked what type of milk she drinks. I had looked at the doctor blankly and finally realized what she was asking, before I said breast milk. We have dairy in the house-cream, cheese, yogurt-but never really got to the point of buying milk. Scarlett won't touch the cheese, but eats the yogurt. (This milk carton I have mentioned earlier was left behind by my brother in the place we are now staying.)

And the controversy of milk. Doctors say to drink it, naturopaths say don't. Some say to pasteurize it, others say to drink it raw. And I don't live on a farm, but would love a source for raw milk if someone has one.

I'm in the belief that milk can "cause" congestion in the body-allergies, runny noses, circles under the eyes, and digestive complaints. Some people I know say their kids got over their constipation once the milk was removed from the diet. Some nutritionists say to try other milks-rice, almond, soy; others say no milk-like substances at all.

What does one believe and do? I also agree with the belief (in theory), that we should drink the milk of our own species. And yes, I sit on the fence because I have a cheese addiction and only drink coffee or tea with cream. But I haven't drank a glass of milk in years.

And there's the blood type theory. I'm apparently in the group that can drink dairy, and I don't even remember Scarlett's blood type.

Does she like the milk because the cows are cute? If that's the case, we are so in trouble if she ever sees the Happy Meal ads.

If she likes the milk and drinks it, can that mean that her body craves it on some level? (And no, I wouldn't compare this to pop or junk food, but should I put this in the same category?). And I put more thought into serving her milk, than pouring her a glass of diluted juice. A bit backwards, perhaps.

I bought a second carton of milk that is now in the fridge. No organic options at the store that is out here and I don't know the locals to look for a real source of milk. I am waiting to see if I notice anything adverse over the next week or two, and will decide how to proceed. Maybe I'll need that number of the farmer.

What's everybody else doing? Who gives the kids milk? Who doesn't? How did you decide?

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