Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Triad of Change

An excerpt from our most recent newsletter (and a photo of our June garden by Scott-Stickoutyourfacephotography):

Have you heard of The Triad of Change?

I've been talking about this in the office a lot as it really changed my view on how to make CHANGES in our life. Dr. Donald Epstein discovered that there is a TRIAD to how we make changes in ourselves, and the three sides of the triangle consist of STRUCTURE, PERCEPTION, and BEHAVIOUR. Knowing that this is a time of the year when we seem to start new activities or projects, it can help to look at ourselves from this perspective. Dr. Epstein found that our success comes from focussing on our 2 stronger sides of the triangle, with our third (not so strong) following or entraining to the other two.

For instance, if I were to start a new activity such as learning to run, there are different ways to approach it. I could sign up for classes, schedule a time to run, book myself with a running buddy, learn how to eat maximally (all structure based) OR I could focus on my motivation to run, why I want to be healthy, what positive benefits it will bring to my family or myself, use positive affirmations (all perception based) OR I could just literally go running and do it and act like I am a runner and an athlete (behavior based). We will all have one side of the triad that is natural to us, and one that is a source of energy for us. But the third, if we try make changes leading with that, will probably lead to failure. If you are taking up a new hobby or activity this summer, try considering the Triad of Change to approach things in a new way.

Good Luck!

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