Monday, June 20, 2011

Spending Fast

We had a very exciting Father's Day. Ate lots, called the Grandpa's, and....cleaned the basement. What every Dad wants to do on Father's Day.

What happened in the basement? We dredged up a million memories and a million items of clutter. We both seem to be hobby people, and collectors of things.

I have my cases of scrapbook supplies, and miscellaneous crafting items-for making jewellery, supplies to make stuffed animals, quilting items, meters and meters of material for sewing clothes and quilts (I used to sew a lot of clothes), boxes of photographs, a mannequin form for sewing, boxes of candles, ink and stamps, and I'm not sure what else. And a saxophone and all of the "usual" storage-off-season clothes, etc. And books.

Scarlett's is saving everything she's ever worn or played with or slept or ridden in a car in, for if she ever gets a little brother or little sister. It could be the best dressed-in-pink little boy ever!

Scott's gathering his own things-such as his CD collection that we haven't listened to since we moved into this house over 6 years ago. And PEZ dispensers, broken cameras and a box of coats.
Probably nothing of large monetary value, but it all adds up.

Cleaning our the basement essentially meant moving things from one end of the basement to the other, and getting rid of a box or two. (Really, I'm not ruthless). And I did get upset by the amount of money I have spent on things that I have never used. Not to mention the amount of energy and time is sucks up. It's one thing to buy an item and use it and love it, but such a different story when I stick it on a shelf to come back to later. (or move it from one shelf to another)

And then what did I chance upon today?!?! This lovely blog about a woman who has challenged herself to a "Spending Fast." I love it!

I'm going to keep her in mind and follow her blog for a little while. And think a bit about how I spend my money, and how I can start to REUSE all of that stuff in the basement. That may mean I might have to sew Scarlett some clothes in some pretty pastel pink with blue flowers before I buy her something new! Now, I just need to carve out some time for that.

The blog is a great refresher at looking how we spend our money on things we WANT versus things we NEED. I am all for reducing our things to a minimum so that we can keep living in our (less than) 1000 sf bungalow-well, 1000 sf per floor. Plus I think it will be a great way to help Scarlett to value money and our accumulations.

I haven't committed to the Spending Fast yet, but it may be coming.

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