Monday, June 6, 2011

Advice from a 2 Year Old

Have I already said that I think my daughter is intuitive?

Really, I think ALL kids are intuitive. If you spend time at our office, you'd be surprised by how many kids that don't come to see us as practice members, come running into our office. Repeatedly. Followed by a parent saying, "I don't know why she keeps heading for your office...". We know why, and your kid knows why.

But, I'm convinced that Scarlett has a sixth sense. Possibly because I'm also pretty convinced that she has seen ghosts or spirits. Possibly because sometimes she looks very wise before she does answer a question.

We are trying to use her intuition-in a harmless manner. Soon we'll buy lottery tickets and tell her to point at the winning ticket.

So far, her intuition has helped her to give me feedback on a person's character that I wasn't sure of. (Read, I don't trust my intuition as much as I trust hers).

She has swayed a few business decisions.

Her behaviour has influenced where I shop. And occasionally, what I buy.

If I was house hunting I would use her, because I have seen her act differently in an space that I know is a "good" space compared to a questionable one.

When our dog went missing for a few days, we did ask her a few times if she could tell where Raven was. Her answer, "Someone's back yard" with such certainty that I kept saying, "Point if you think we're near Raven." And then when we found Raven and met the person who found her, it turned into "Steve's backyard" with as much conviction.

She has sometimes provided answers to questions that we had not yet asked.

Needless to say, I take advice from my 2 year old. Not advice like, M&M's or cherries? But advice to questions where there are multiple good answers, just to see where her opinion may lead us. I would love to have such a strong sense of intuition and I believe mine will grow over time. For now, we sometimes receive clear information from our 2 year old who is also just starting to form sentences and her sense of self. The trick will be to help her keep this gift.

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