Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Day

I feel suspiciously absent from my blog and I was thinking about why.

The snow is very pretty when I look out my window. Scarlett and Raven looked so cute playing in the backyard (especially Scarlett in her brand new, purple, 2 sizes too big, marshmallow snowsuit), and it does feel a little like Christmas. I even shovelled a little bit without complaining.

But an hour commute to get to work? Really? I should have declared it a snow day and let everyone who was booked in to see me, off the hook. I was anxious about driving to work in my freshly home from the auto body shop, new paint and all-car-and Scott said to just drive slowly. But 5 km/hour? I hope he didn't mean that. The winter tires will be on the car soon; we're just a little delayed by the hail repairs and our trip. (By the way, I wasn't the reason, and there appeared to be no reason aside from snow, for the 5 km/hr drive.)

I'm a little grumpy about the weather, although I like the excuse to hibernate for the moment. Until Scarlett's class in the morning, and my afternoon of work tomorrow.

Does anyone else have a hard time finishing the holiday and getting back to real life? Our jet lag is done, we've faced the weather, work is back to usual, Christmas feels like its coming soon. Maybe I need some more reminiscing about the trip still, or to help Scott with his upcoming photo book! Maybe I'll need to discover (or rediscover) the charms of this frozen city.

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