Friday, November 12, 2010

The places I have nursed

A rare photo of me breastfeeding.

Travelling expanded my breastfeeding experience. I have now nursed Scarlett in many more places than I ever expected:

  • In Airports
  • On Airplanes. And on Airplanes with Scarlett belted into her seat and me belted into mine.
  • On Trains. With a stranger at my elbow.
  • On a boat? (I actually can't remember if I needed to breastfeed on the vaporetto or not. Scott?).
  • In the car of course. That one wasn't new.
  • On the grounds of the Vatican.
  • Outside churches and Cathedrals.
  • In squares, piazzas, steps, and on benches.
  • At mealtime. Most memorably at dinner in Rome, at a sidewalk cafe.

Maybe that's all. And I kept watching, but I never saw any other mother nursing in public. Until I reached my seminar in Como, and another mom who was from the UK was nursing her baby.

Does that mean that they don't breastfeed or that they only breastfeed behind closed doors?

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  1. Um, honestly, that is the most beautiful picture in life! I love breastfeeding pics, and that one is incredible.