Monday, November 8, 2010

Photos from Italy

We're currently en route to Como (I'm now 5 days past starting this post.) which is the last leg of our journey. Didn't I plan to write and post photos more often? Of course, but despite my best intentions, holidays and a toddler intervened!

The last few days we were in Lucca, Tuscany. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast called Casa Alba-53 steps up from the main street!

Here's the view from our room-yes, rain!

Here we are in Florence in Piazza Duomo. We did a day trip to Florence-we took the train in for about 5 euros each (so cheap!) and saw David and the Uffizi.

We also took a quick drive over to Pisa-which was fun and campy. Seeing the leaning tower for the first time is quite impressive.

Can I get any more touristy that this? I'm getting eager to see all of our photos-not just the iPhone ones...

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