Friday, November 26, 2010


We just got back from our Friday night in Bowness (and yes, I'm writing this at precisely 7:45 pm).

Fortunately, Scarlett and I also had our hair done this afternoon, so we were ready for our big night out. (First hair cut for Scarlett!)

We decided to go for dinner at the Dell cafe-if it was open. We've been meaning to go for a few years now, but always try to go there on Sunday when it's closed. We loaded ourselves into the car and drove the block and a half to the cafe. We took the car just in case it was already closed and we need to drive to Angels.

It was open! Until 7:30 that is, so we had enough time to order and eat, with time to spare.
I had a bacon cheeseburger with soup, and Scott had Chinese-sweet and sour chicken and pork with noodles and rice. Good food.

It was fun and it is a diner-the TV was on, loads of photos on the wall, and tables and chairs circa 1970's. (plus or minus the decade). And yes, Canadian and Chinese food in case you can't decide. There is a breakfast menu on the wall, but who doesn't love that to the cynical critic I read online when I was searching for the hours. Customers actually talk to each other; or some sit alone and drink their coffee or eat their soup or fries; and the family/staff were very friendly.
To add to the evening, the staff/family/owners all sat down and ate their dinners at the table beside us. While in my head I reminisced on my one summer waitressing when we would do the same.

Then the owner appeared with this little doll and gave it to Scarlett. I swear we can't take her anywhere without her getting little gifts. (Ok, that was just in Italy.) He said it was from the Hillhurst Flea Market. Isn't she pretty? We have named her Della.
Then he came back and asked us if we were from Bowness. Of course! And he took our picture on his camera. We're not really sure why, except he made mention of the customers at the table in the corner that are writing a book on the history of Bowness.

That's our evening. Why did it take us until now to actually make it there? I've lived in Bowness since 2001.

To sum, I would recommend the Dell Cafe. If you want to meet me there, let me know. I'm just around the corner and could walk over there. If you don't know where it is-its by the Esso on Bowness Road, which is by the Bownesian Grocer, which is in the same parking lot as the Boys and Girls club, the video store, the bakery, the dollar store... See you there!

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  1. I'll meet you there! After all the years going to school, working, and driving through Bowness, I've never even noticed the Dell Cafe. Shows how observant I am! Sounds charming.