Saturday, August 13, 2011

Take Your Baby to Yoga Class

Yoga in Bowness ( is currently offering yoga in the park. I finally made it to my first class this week, with Scarlett, of course.

It may not have been my most zen class, but I still had a good workout for the 3/4 of class that I completed.
Plus there was a little bit of "animal" yoga, ring around the rosy, fighting for my mat, dis-assembling of my wallet, games on the iPhone, and a 2 year old on my back when I was in plank position. Snacks and water.
I had asked prior if it was ok if she came, and I think the other yogis were very tolerant. Doesn't it up the level of concentration by having more distractions?
I will be back to class, with or without Scarlett, I haven't decided. I like her being outside and exposed to the practice, but her patience is that of a 2 year old (or 2 and 3/4 year old).
Maybe we should all practice yoga like a 2 year old-Scarlett had the most fun and the most smiles out of everyone there.

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