Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Chickened Out!

I had a chance last week to challenge myself in combining parenting with work. A play group for kids combined with a presentation for the moms.

I did a practice run on Tuesday. Scarlett came to the playgroup and had a blast. She played in a bouncy castle, with balls, and blocks, and other kids, and fell in love with a "fishy train" (Ride on train in a Finding Nemo style). She loved the train too much, and we ended the play group by dragging her out shoe-less and crying for the fishy train. And then I heard about the fishy train for the next couple of days, and she dragged her own train to the office, onto the couch, anywhere we would let her.

What did I do while she was playing? I tried to listen to that day's presenter, Lisa Kathleen of Full Circle Parenting. (Wonderful advice! and did I get to hear barely any of it?).

Thursday came and I was scheduled to speak on Chiropractic for Pregnant Moms and Babies. While the kids play group was on. That's when I chickened out and sent Scarlett to work with her dad so I could think at the same time that I was speaking.

I would have loved to have seen if I could have juggled it, but I probably guessed right, that it was a little out of my league.

If you'd like to check out the playgroups and see who is speaking, just ask at Leela Eco Spa and Studio & Enjoy!

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