Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Siesta

We will soon be heading to the land of the siesta-long lazy lunches, naps optional. (I heard they watch lots of western movies in Italy during their siesta time-is that true?)

Does the siesta sound familiar? Sort of like having a toddler in the house. Slow picky eating lunches. Huge nap after lunch. We're going to fit right in, when we go to Italy. I rarely try to accomplish anything outside of the house between 1-4 pm.

Inside the house is an entirely different matter. Some days when I'm tired, I think about lying down for a nap as well, except my brain seems to get very active at that time of day. Truth is, it is my most productive time of day-aside from client time of course.

What do I do? You may be able to tell by my frequency of writing, it's a good time to write.

But when the writing gets pushed aside, I also find it is a good time to book-keep. (Which, I am proud to say, I am almost caught on-something I didn't expect with a toddler in the house).

Or when the bookkeeping gets pushed aside, right now, at least, I'm researching where to go in Italy-where to stay, what to see, maybe I'll get around to learning some of the language? The planning has come into conflict with La Dolce Vita-my patience is being challenged at the moment. (But still enjoyable).

If Italy planning gets pushed aside, it may be because I'm trying really hard to get paperwork done that I brought home from the office.

I sometimes squeeze in Oprah-but so far it was only her first episode back (and that was 10 days ago). I sometimes squeeze in a little laundry folding. Or dinner prep. Which makes me start to wonder, if the men are at home watching the westerns, are the women beside them on the couch, or are they continuing on their day as usual?

I need to stretch this siesta time, without tricking my daughter into thinking day is night and night is day-which is something she may already believe. And one day, I may have to siesta myself.

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