Monday, September 13, 2010

6 for 6

This was first going to be titled, 3 for 3, then 4 for 4... And then suddenly I realized today that Scarlett was 6 for 6 for days at work that I worked. Three of those were for the full shift (about 2-3 hours) and the other days were for shorter- a half hour to an hour.

Why? For one, we're training an new office receptionist for the afternoon and evening. And second, Scott and I suddenly have clients that are seeing us both one after the other. Which means Scarlett has been coming to work with us, again.

What's been happening?

People missed Scarlett, and have been happy to see our big, little girl. Or finally meet her, for the new patients.

Scarlett has a chance to "shadow" Mommy. Literally. I've turned around too quickly a few times and tripped on my shadow. She's been pretty quiet in the office but occasionally must stay near. Very near.

She's sat on a few laps. Read a few books.

Watched a few movies on the iPad. Ignored a few kids.

She's colored and played.

She's helped pass receipts to clients.

Is that about it? Sat with Daddy lots. Had a few snacks, healthy and not. Clomped around in her big boots, on the laminate floor, before we remembered to take them off.

It has been a pleasure to have her around, but I'm ready to break the run soon. We've been a little too lucky with naps working out perfectly, and tempers being patient. Hopefully 9 for 9 or 10 for 10 will be the end for a while.

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