Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Last Peach

It finally dawned on me that summer is ending. Or ended, perhaps. And it wasn't because school was starting for everybody else, or holidays were over, or Labor Day had arrived. But I realized it was over when I ate the last peach:

It's not just any peach. This is the last peach of the case of peaches that I had hauled back from Salmon Arm in mid August. Every year, and every trip back to Salmon Arm, we haul fruit and veggies, but my favorite by far are the peaches. Sometimes it is 2-3 cases in a season, but this year it was just one. And some crazy brand like Jimmy Frank or something (forget the Havens).

This peach is not only from the best place that grows peaches (the Okanagan) but it was also purchased from a place of high nostalgia to me-Pedro's Fruit Stand, where I worked for a couple of summers. And not only did I work at the Fruit Stand, but I also worked for the family many years prior-in their orchards picking cherries and thinning apples, and before that, babysitting their boys. Except now when I go back to the fruit stand, the boys that I used to babysit are now running the place. Which makes me feel old of course.

My last peach of the season is gone-as of Sunday, September 5th. Almost labor day. I am always sad when this day comes. I will buy more peaches this season, but they won't compare to the last 30 pounds that we just ate. Can you believe we ate 30 lbs of peaches?!?! Only one peach crisp and the rest we just ate.

I will try to be not just sad, but also grateful for all the lovely peaches that we had this year. Thank you! We have enjoyed you and I look forward to seeing you again next summer.

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