Friday, April 16, 2010


I just had my first sinful, decadent macaron from Yann Haute Patisserie in Mission (Calgary). I'm not too sure what I just ate but it was yummy and sweet and melted in my mouth. I ate it with a little bit of guilt, but I've been meaning to go down and try these for weeks now, and the wait was worth it. Plus I soaked up some Vit D on the way, as today it is beautiful and sunny out. I'll eat something healthy later to balance it out.

Their patisserie is gorgeous-she had it decorated with butterflies for spring and Scarlett stared at her and the butterflies and the pasteries. We even managed to get our stroller in the front door.
What I thought was interesting is that the owners have converted their house into a live-work unit, and they have completed a very professional, beautiful job. And she said the project took... 3 YEARS altogether for the City of Calgary to approve and then for them to have the space ready. You may see where my head goes...hmm, a live work unit? you live upstairs? you have kids? but 3 years to make something like this happen? Back in the good ole days, "everybody" had a business in their house-fix shoes, cut your hair, I could adjust your spine... when did this get so complicated? People didn't need to commute to work as work was in their house. Much more friendly if you have a family that's tagging along as you work! And better for the environment and your community.
Does our North American society think that it was wrong all those years to live where you work? Don't millions (?) of Europeans work near or out of their home space? I appear to have a new project on my hands-researching home work units in Calgary, or how one becomes a home work unit! I currently lease office space, but is that the best situation for blending a family and work? If I work at home, do I ever leave work? Or ever fully arrive ready to work? And I don't think that I have 3 years to find the answer or alternative to those questions.

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  1. They are good. Josephene even shared them with me!