Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth's Day is almost Here!

We have been enjoying many day of sunshine here in Calgary, as it is un-seasonably hot. Or maybe it is seasonal for here, since there is no weather pattern aside from being unpredictable. And tomorrow is Earth Day and it will be another beautiful day to celebrate.
I've been trying to think of what we should do tomorrow to mark the occasion. Specifically, what should we do at the office? Our thoughts included the following-and soon I should commit to some/all:
  • Turn out the lights and work by candlelight. (which we have done recently during a crazy electrical/snow storm) (Probably not!)
  • Print no receipts (except we usually need them). I guess we could offer to compile them and print statements, which we already offer.
  • Reuse paper, Recycle what we can (which we do already).
  • Haul out our mugs for use instead of the dixie cups?
  • Turn our idle chit-chat into talking about our Earth and who's doing what today. (this I can definitely do while people are on the table!)
  • For those with creative little ones, I've seen suggestions of drawing pictures of the earth, picking up litter, and teaching about 'blue boxes'. Although our blue box is just a cardboard box.
  • Plants and trees galore, can be found at our office, which I know contributes positively to our air quality.
  • This one will take awhile for me to work on, but align our business with other businesses that are earth-friendly. For instance, here in Calgary we have Babes in Arms that sells slings, cloth diapers, wooden toys, etc, and we try to send our new families there.

Sometimes our office is just not the most earth friendly place, but it does make me admire businesses that have started from day one with earth friendly building materials, reclaimed objects and a big picture of how they could keep their footprint small. I know that we have some work cut out for us.

Happy Earth Day! While we all try to play our part, the truth is, it looks like Mother Earth is taking care of herself anyways. Generally, I try not to watch the news, but aren't the earthquakes a record high? Did the Iceland volcano manage to lower the earth's temperature? She knows what she's doing.

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