Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Raining Snow

What to do with ourselves on this rainy, snowy, about to be a winter-snow-fall-warning day? By the time I finished work this morning, Scott brought our darling to the office and she was asleep in the car. There's a recipe for disaster-nap time is disrupted and this Mom is ready for a break.

After two failed naps and much complaining, I decided to try wearing her out instead. First we painted puzzle cards for Mother's Day, for Scarlett's two Grandmas (and for her Grandpas for Father's Day while we were at it). We usually only paint at her toddler class because what a mess! Paint on Scarlett, on her clothes, on the floor, on the table, on me, but luckily not on the fridge, cupboards or pets. Then we had clothing change #1.
Yesterday we had walked to our local garden centre and bought vegetable seeds for our garden. Might as well make use of them as entertainment for Scarlett. (The look on her face probably reflects the lack of a nap and the paintbrush being ripped out of her hands minutes earlier).
Then we made some "prunsicles" for Scarlett. We usually seem to open the jar of juice and then never finish the jar. We mixed it with coconut milk-half juice and half milk. We got the idea from the tropical creamy popsicles at:, and I can't say yet how they taste but will hopefully know in a few hours. I wish I had the stainless steel molds for the popsicles that they featured on the above site but I will use what I have .
And then to the mud puddles and the back yard! Scarlett has the cutest rain jacket (thanks Aunt Chris!) and pink rain boots which she loves. Scarlett wasn't discouraged by the rain and had fun moving around empty plant pots and picking dead grass. And at the end, the sweats came on to replace the muddy jeans. Clothing change #2. Not too bad for a rainy day.

And that was our afternoon. We can usually get away with a little less activity and more free time, but today with the rain and lack of sleep it seemed we needed to keep busy.

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